…because I act. And I'm Asian.


’cause it’s only been two months since I last wrote…

Yeah. Sorry about that!

It’s been a really active two months. If you’ve been keeping up with my twitter at all, you’ll know I’ve been taking lessons in cyr wheel and aerial silks. Some of you probably don’t know what that is… For the sake of clarity, here are a couple of videos:

Cyr Wheel

Aerial Silks

Pretty wild, right?

One of the reasons I haven’t written in so long is that I’ve just been too exhausted. At some point, I’ll write about the progress I’m making in both cyr and silks. I’m also looking for a good place to study dance! If you know anybody in NY to study with, leave me a comment! Jazz ballet or jazz in particular. Anything that’ll teach me good fundamentals, basically.

I’ve been trying to focus on more “physical” things as of late, ’cause I feel like it’s an element of my acting that I haven’t put enough time in.

Speaking of which… I finally have my union card! It’s definitely one of the more expensive investments that’s been into my career. I really need to book work to make it worth it! I’m also working on something League-related for the very awesome Nhan! In case you don’t know who he is, you should check out his blog! ^_^

So…yeah! That’s what I’ve been up to. What has everybody else been doing?


We work in the dark – we do what we can – we give what we have. Our doubt is our passion, and our passion is our task. The rest is the madness of art.

Henry James, The Middle Years

My Meisner teacher read us this quote today and I think it articulates how I feel about acting beautifully. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

A conversation I had with my teacher today…

Her: Are you okay?


Me: (thinking we’ve started a Meisner) You look concerned.


Her: Yes, well. You…look like shit. Do you want to go home?


Me: Oh well… No. I’m okay. I brought my activity and I have an audition later, so…


Her: You have an audition later???

Shouldn’t have gone to that audition today. =(



Here it is!

Here it is!

My League of Legends: Made of Paper Lunar Revel Contest entry in all of its glory.

I didn’t win, but I still worked sooo hard on him.

What a Weekend!

I’ve acted in my first “telefilm!” Yay! Not a big role, or anything, but it doesn’t make it any less fun to shoot! I met so many cool and talented people and I hope it’ll lead to even bigger things. 

Also, I finished my entry to the League of Legends: Made of Paper Lunar Revel Contest and I think it turned out pretty well. I’ll be sure to post a picture of it up very soon. I spent a lot of time working on it and I hope it shows! 

It doesn’t sound like much, but it really was a productive weekend… I wish it was always like this!



I’m so excited for this!

I’m 23!

Yup, it’s my birthday!!!

Just wanted to point out that the fact I share my birthday with this guy:Image

Totally makes up for also sharing it with this lady:Image


Anyway… I have to head over to my audition now.

Hope everyone has a fantastic day!


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