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Starting again from scratch and beautiful moments!

Yup…it’s exactly as the title says. No promises that I’ll write regularly, but something happened to me a few weeks ago that I wanted to share. Mehreen wrote something on her tumblr that reminded me that I had been planning to share it, so thank you! If you’ve never read anything she’s written, do so. She’s fantastic. Super woke and very nice! ^_^

Anyway, a few weeks ago I had to do jury duty. That whole day really deserves its own post (just to talk about the process), but for now I want to focus on this one moment ’cause it’s something that’s stayed with me.

I made it to the jury panel. If you don’t know what that means, this is basically the part where lawyers ask you questions in order to determine whether or not you’d be a good fit for the jury on the case being tried. They were asking about body language, how to tell when someone is lying etc. and singling out parents, one man in particular. Now, I had noticed this man earlier when they moved a large group of us to a different court house. He was wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt with basketball shorts (which was outrageous because it was so damn cold outside) and he made it a point to high five all the signs and jump over obstacles on the street. He was also extremely polite and soft spoken.

They asked this man, “How can you tell when your son is lying? What do you when he gets into trouble?” something to that effect and he responded, “Oh… I let his mother take care of all that.”

And the room laughed, because what a cute joke, right? The ADA followed up with, “Why is that?” after having a good chuckle.

In complete earnestness he said, “I love my boy.” I’ve never heard anyone say something so simple and honest like that. I didn’t expect to see it in that moment, of all times and places. It was too perfect and beautiful. That’s what truth looks like. That’s what love looks like.

I just feel really lucky to have been able to see it.

What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve seen recently?


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  1. Welcome back. 🙂

    April 12, 2016 at 02:55

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